For the love of cricket!

Batting Tips

This game is designed so you can use the touch interface to control the bat. Unlike other cricket games where you simply have to press a combination of buttons or just “flick” your finger at a given time to hit the ball, in this game you have much more control of the bat.

To hit the ball:

  1. Tap on the arrows to position the bat.
  2. Slide your finger backward to swing the bat back (you can use any free part of the screen to slide your fingers).
  3. Watch the ball as it comes on to the bat and slide your finger forward (in the direction you want to hit the ball).

Scoring runs:

  • The power with which you hit the ball depends on how fast you slide your finger forward. To play gentle shots slide your finger forward slowly and vice-versa.
  • The direction is generally based on the direction of the face of the bat when the ball is struck. Try swinging the bat a few times to see how the bat moves around.
  • To hit the ball in the air (lofted shots) the face of the bat needs to be pointing upward when it makes contact with the ball (like real cricket).
  • Notice that the more you slide your finger forward to bat will rotate more upward.


  • Do not release your finger until you have hit the ball.
  • Watch the ball onto the bat as you slide your finger forward to hit the ball.
  • Swinging the bat too fast can cause you to miss the ball entirely.
  • You should be able to play a wide range of shots in front of the wicket. You cannot play shots to 3rd man (ie. behind the batsman’s stumps) though.

One response

  1. DC Whitworth

    Hmm, well. A promising little game but much to improve upon.
    Issues –
    1. Irritating crowd noise that can’t be turned off. Gives me a headache after a while.
    2. Daft field placings sometimes, e.g. off spinner operating with no one in front of the bat on the leg side.
    3. Inconsistent run scoring. Hit a ball in the air, one bounce to deep midwicket, got two, hit it along the ground, one run only despite the fact the ball got there much slower.
    4. Field placings change if you exit to the main menu and then resume.

    1. Improve fielder graphics
    2. Fielders moving
    3. When a fielder stops the ball they flash red, the game immediately jumps back to the wicket view. A little pause might be nice.
    4. Clearer indication of how many runs are scored.
    5. Clearer indication of the end of the over and new bowler type.
    6. Ball could do with being a little bigger, it can be especially hard to see travelling over the outfield.

    July 19, 2011 at 3:32 am

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